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Axelsmart Technologies is an Automation Engineering & Industrial Software Solutions company based in Bangalore & Chennai and associate companies in Singapore & Malaysia. The Company is founded by industry experts specializing in solutions for plant automation & control, process data analytics, industrial communication networks, solutions for Manufacturing Excellence, Asset Performance Management. We are a total industrial solutions provider with the principal directive being our "Clients' Profit Maximization

We achieve this vision through continued investment in core technology, research & development and subsequent translation of the technology to total solutions that our clients have relevance to.

What We Offer

Industrial IOT & Big Data

Enterprises can rely upon Axelsmart Technologies' expertise in implementing industry standard IoT and Big Data Systems to improve efficiency and productivity...

Industrial Software Solutions

Axel Smart Technologies also has a dedicated Advanced Applications Group with extensive enterprise software integration skills. This is necessary to allow our clients to take full advantages ...

Electrical, Instrumentation & Systems Integration

Process plants are getting complex and so is the control & instrumentation. Axelsmart Technologies has geared itself to provide total turnkey solutions including P&ID preparation...

Energy Management Systems

In the present world scenario of ever increasing Electricity and Fuel prices, process industries are compelled to adopt energy conservation measures to minimize the operating costs and improve upon the business profits...

Industrial Vision Systems

We offer advanced industrial vision systems powered by deep learning algorithms for smart automation and highly dependent quality inspection systems. Manufacturers can increase throughput and build highly efficient modern machines and plants that increase accuracy and productivity.

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